Bell Faction Multi-Sport Helmet Review

This sports helmet provides safety and good style together whether you are cycling or skating.

The Bell Faction Multi-Sport Helmet is for everything from BMX to beach cruisers to back-to-school.  With a combination of style, fit and comfort this helmet features a skate-helmet-inspired design with amazing graphics.

Bell Faction Multi-Sport Helmet


What is good about the Bell Faction Multi-Sport Helmet

Cool looking – has the shape of a skating helmet instead of a bike version. And although it weighs in at a lightweight 426 grams there are an amazing variety of colors and graphics available so you look good doing whatever outdoor activity. It is also available in basic black or white if you prefer.

Solid construction –necessary for downhill and BMX-bike riding this helmet is constructed of an ABS hard-plastic shell with a dual-density EPS liner. It is both CPSC bicycle safety-standard certified and ASTM 1492 skate certified.

Great ventilation – to keep you cool while outdoors there are 12 vents that allow cool, fresh air in and warm air out.

Fit – extra padding is supplied so you can get a snug fit. The basic helmet is available in three sizes:

  • Small (51-56cm),
  • Medium (54-59cm)
  • Large (58-63cm)

Bell Faction Multi Sport Helmet

This sports helmet is available from Amazon, check it out here.


Bell Faction Multi-Sport Helmet Features

  • Bell Faction Multi SportSkate-inspired helmet design
  • Constructed with an ABS hard-plastic shell and a dual-density EPS liner
  • 12 vents allow cool air in and warm air out
  • Weighs 426 grams and comes in three sizes
  • CPSC bicycle safety standard certified and ASTM 1492 skate certified
  • Plenty of great graphics


What customers say about the Bell Faction Multi-Sport Helmet

Rating: ★★★★½

People who have bought and use this sport helmet gave it a rating of 4 ½ out of 5. Numerous reviewers stated it was good quality for the price and is well constructed. Several noted the vents are smaller and the shell thicker but they appreciated the extra safety benefits for the small amount of extra weight. Having said that this is a lightweight helmet of only 426 grams.

Most of the comments from reviewers had to do with sizing as they mention that in addition to the choice of three sizes the helmet also comes with some padding which can be used customize the fit.

Reviewers weighted in on the graphics offered liking the wide variety although many also said they just wanted plain black.

There were no overriding issues raised although individuals made comments based on personal preferences.

The Bell Faction Multi-Sport Helmet provides safety and good style whether you are on a bike or skating.


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