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Bike helmets blog provides information on purchasing the best helmet for you. Also general cycling clothing advice is provided.

Following Cycling Laws

Following Cycling LawsDo you follow local laws when cycling including use of bicycle lanes, helmets, lights, bells and... Read More »

What to do During a Lightning Storm When Cycling

What to do During a Lightning Storm When CyclingWhat should you do during a lightning storm when cycling? Stand under a tree? A look at what you really should do during a... Read More »

What to Do If Dog Chasing You While Cycling

What to Do If Dog Chasing You While CyclingSome methods to use when chased by a dog while cycling to avoid injury.... Read More »

Popular Long Distance Cycling Routes

Popular Long Distance Cycling RoutesThere are long distance cycling routes that make it easy to plan a journey in North America and Europe. Learn about a few of the more popular... Read More »

Organized Bike Tours

Organized Bike ToursAn organized bike tour is a great introduction into bicycle touring as the arrangements are all done for you and you meet a lot of like minded... Read More »

Cycling in Switzerland is not all about the Mountains

Cycling in Switzerland is not all about the MountainsSwitzerland is one of the great cycling nations in the world, it just has an undeserved reputation as challenging, but there are other... Read More »

Exercising Can Be Fun, Really

Exercising Can Be Fun, ReallyIf you want to really lose weight and get in shape you do need to change your lifestyle for the long term and these fun ways to exercise can... Read More »

Family Cycling Vacations

Family Cycling VacationsFamily cycling vacations are gaining in popularity and making the arrangements can be quite easy, learn... Read More »

Getting Lost on Purpose While Cycling

Getting Lost on Purpose While CyclingGetting lost on purpose while cycling and create some adventure in your life. You never know what you will discover, my... Read More »

Guided Bicycle Touring

Guided Bicycle TouringWhy ride with a guided bicycle tour? We reveal the top reasons to join a cycle tours as a great way to see the... Read More »

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