Halo Headband Solar Skull Cap Review

Halo Headband Solar Skull Cap Review

The Halo Headband Solar Skull Cap provides perfect sun protection for your head, neck and ears when cycling.

Halo Headband Solar Skull Cap

What is good about this skull cap

Effective design – the pullover design protects your ears and neck while fitting comfortably under hats and helmets. It features a sweat block headband, Halo Headband Solar Skull Capa micro mesh top to permit heat to escape along with the tail covering your neck and ears.

Great fabric – the Dryline fabric is a unique, dual component fabric featuring polyester inside and nylon outside . This unique combination creates a push-pull moisture transport design drawing perspiration from the skin to the fabric surface where it evaporates.

Sweat block – provides a watertight, non-slip seal built into the front of each Halo Headband to direct sweat away from your eyes. There is nothing worse than the sting of sweat in your eyes while you are trying to riding.

Provides sun protection – this skull cap with attached tail provides reflective sun-blocking protection.  The top of the skull cap is rated SPF 30 and the double layer tail is rated SPF 50.

Halo Headband Solar Skull Cap Features

  • Halo Headband Solar Skull CapReflective sun-blocking protection.  The top is rated SPF 30 and the double layer tail is rated SPF 50.
  • Pullover design covers your ears and neck
  • Fits comfortably under bicycle helmets
  • Micro mesh top allows for heat to escape
  • Great year round comfort
  • One size fits all
  • Sweat Block Technology

What customers say about the Halo Headband Solar Skull Cap

Rating: ★★★½☆

Reviewers stated they purchased this to keep the sun off their head, neck and ears while cycling and it does that well. They also remarked It fits under their bike helmet with no problem.

One reviewer noted that if you are riding fast, the sides have a tendency to blow back and expose the front of the ears and advised to just be aware of this and pull the fabric back in place.

Another reviewer said it washes up easily every night and is dry before the next use. One person mentioned the fabric is a bit thicker than I expected.

There was no major issue was this skull from cyclists although one person mentioned the tail was too long and gets caught in his pack and another person felt the sweatband was too thick.

The Halo Headband Solar Skull Cap provides superior protection from the sun and protects your eyes from sweat during cycle rides at a very affordable price.


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