Headsweats Shorty Beanie Review

Headsweats Shorty Beanie Review

The Headsweats Shorty Beanie is really a high performance skull cap perfect for cycling in warm weather and keeping the sweat from your eyes and preventing sunburn through the helmet vents.

Headsweats Shorty Beanie


What is good about the Headsweats Shorty Beanie

Design – fits like a beanie but with the addition of the terry sweatband and a stubby CoolMax Tail. A small section of elastic is included on the inside of the shorty to enhance fit. The shorty is easy to put on and comes off with one hand using the short tail.

Wicks away moisture – the Coolmax fabric in the terry sweatband provides moisture transfer and creates maxium air flow helping to prevent sweat from going in your eyes and stinging. The shell, also made from 100% Coolmax, wicks away moisture as well so you can cycle in comfort. An added bonus is that is helps to keep your helmet dry so you don’t need to air it out after a ride.

Sun protection – the bike helmets today feature plenty of vents for air circulation and to keep you cool. While the vents in a bike helmet keep you cool you also need protection from the sun which the Headsweats shorty does as it offer SPF 20 sun rating.

Perfect fit – comfortable fabric which fits under your helmet. The short tail at the back allows for ease in putting on and taking off. Eventure elastic for a great fit.

Headsweats Shorty Beanie


Headsweats Shorty Beanie Features

  • Haadsweats Cycling BeanieMade from 100% Coolmax fabric
  • Fits under the helmet
  • Machine washable
  • Eventure elastic for a great fit
  • SPF 20 sun protection
  • Available in a variety of colors

What customers say about the Headsweats Shorty

Rating: ★★★★★

First, people who use this rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Almost everyone comments that it keeps the sweat from their eyes when cycling, avoiding the sting that can cause.

Almost numerous reviewers commented about how the vents on your bicycle helmet can cause sunburn and this provides protection. Cyclists mentioned this beanie is comfortable to wear as well.

On reviewer remarked it is also a great way to keep cool, even in black, with it’s light weight wicking fabric.

The Headsweats Shorty Beanie provides comfort for warm weather cycling by keeping the sweat from your eyes and ensuring your head doesn’t get sunburned.

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  • Clayton says:

    What about UV protection for the ears, neck etc. – like a Legionaire’s cap, for those of us prone to burn?

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