Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover Review

The Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover provides protection from the rain and wind keeping your head dry and warmer while cycling. A helmet cover lets you ride with more comfort if you are a recreational rider and is essential if you are commuting to work by bike in poor weather conditions.

What is good about the Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover

Waterproof and wind resistant – this high-powered waterproof bicycle helmet cover is also wind resistant featuring 2-ply laminate with spandex stretch. If you haven’t ever gotten a helmet cover, and ride in the rain, especially the cold rain, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Great visibility – has powerful reflective strips for increased visibility. It comes in two colors of which one is yellow, helpful if cycling at night.

One size – this one size that will fit over most bicycle helmets nice and snug.

Keeps you warmer – having a helmet cover lets you extend the cycling season by keeping your head warmer during the colder months.

Great design – this bike helmet cover actually has a flattering silhouette and is available in yellow or black.


What customers say about the Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover

Sugoi Zap Helmet CoverThere were only a few reviews at the time of this writing but they were very positive. The reviewers stated this cycling helmet cover fits nice and tight over their helmets and cuts the wind well.

The reviewers mentioned that there are a lot of helmet covers available that look terrible but not this one. Several reviewers mentioned in particular that they appreciated the reflective piping as a nice touch if you ride in the dark.

Reviewers also noted it does make the helmet warmer during cold weather or for wet, rainy or misty days.

If you are cycling in wet or colder weather the Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover can help make your rides more comfortable at a very affordable price.


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2 comments for “Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover Review

  1. Etienne
    May 1, 2018 at 8:46 am

    Windproof yes, waterproof not so much. For a full size helmet (I use both a Bell and Fly Racing helmet), the size is a little on the small side. With my Bell helmet, it works OK, covering most of the helmet without the easily removed visor. On my Fly Racing helmet, which has a bolted on visor (that I like to use), it does not cover the whole helmet. It covers enough of the more important front portion, stretched taught over the visor, so I still like it. The reflective panels work (I have the black model, since it was a little less expensive and I sport plenty of lights/reflectors when commuting) as expected. As for being water proof, I find that claim questionable, as the seams do not appear to be taped or otherwise sealed. After light rain, it starts to leak. Not excessive, but still not waterproof. It is windproof, which is nice on those cold days. If you want waterproof, look elsewhere, but otherwise it is OK.

  2. Franklin
    May 1, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Great way to keep your head warmer on cold weather rides. I ride my mountain bike all winter in the northeast. Temps down to 10F but mostly 20-30F. This cover does a really nice job of blocking cold wind from getting to my bald head! Cheap and easy solution to make your cold weather rides a little more comfortable. And it fit over my Giro helmet no problem. I’d imagine on cold road rides, where there’s a lot more wind, this would be really helpful.

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