Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror Review

The Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror has a wide field of view so you can see everything approaching from behind for a safer ride. Whether bicycle touring, bike commuting or just out for a ride it will remove anxiety while cycling.

What is good about this bike helmet mirror

Field of view – the huge  2.250 inch mirror which yields a huge field of view is by far much larger than anything else available. The large mirror size makes it easy to view everything that is approaching from the rear, more or less simultaneously while looking straight ahead for much safer cycling.

Easy and secure mounting – simply attach to your bike helmet with the included zip-ties and bend the mirror into whichever position will offer you the best visibility. This sturdy mounting means it will stay in place, there are no weak adhesives or fragile parts used!

Infinite adjustment –the linked stalk retains it’s easy to adjust functionality forever and is guaranteed never to loosen. However, it can also be reinstalled on other helmets, again using the versatile mounting system.

Impact resistant – built of unusually robust construction with sleek, injection-molded components.

Made in the USA – all parts are sourced within 30 miles of the design and assembly facility located in the U.S.

This bike safety mirror is available from Amazon. Check it out here.


Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror Features

  • Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet MirrorHuge 2 and 1/4″ mirror provides safest view of what’s behind you
  • Very sturdy construction. Does not vibrate. Stays in Place!
  • Linked stalk is easy to adjust, and holds position
  • 100% U.S.A. Made from high quality materials
  • 5 year “No-Fault” warranty from manufacturer. Parts shipped at no cost to you!

What customers say about the Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

There were lots of positive reviews of this cycle helmet mirror. Many reviewers mentioned they had first purchased handlebar mirrors which broke when their bike fell over or other cheaper helmet mirrors which also broke off while this model does note.

Reviewers felt safe using this helmet mirror as it stays put and is the perfect size to see all that is behind them. One reviewer mentioned he used it bicycle touring in Central America where he feels it saved him from injury.

Many reviewers commented on how easy it is to adjust, particularly if they have different bicycles where they need to handle different riding stances. One reviewer did say he did not like it at first and that there is a learning curve, but that once adjusted and you get used to it you will learn to love it.

Several reviewers commented that it is a non-smashable and has removed a lot of anxiety when they were riding their bike on the roads. The best thing about it is that, once you set it, it doesn’t move – unless you forcefully try to move it unlike other models.

To see all our bike helmet accessories, click here. With the Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror you can see what the traffic is doing behind you while you are still looking forward.


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3 comments for “Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror Review

  1. rex
    May 3, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Best mirror I’ve tried – see comparison pics This is my third helmet mirror, and it is my favorite by far! It is much bigger and more stable than the others. My other mirrors both had the following problems: 1) small field of view, 2) vibration when going over a bumpy road, 3) angle slippage, requiring frequent adjustments mid-ride. This mirror solves all those problems. The field of view is fantastic. See attached comparison pics. The swivel arm is rock solid. Doesn’t vibrate, doesn’t move out of place. Best of all, the stem has independent swivel points, each with just the right amount of stiffness to maintain their own angles. So you can swing the mirror out of view when not needed, and then swing it back into view and the mirror angle is still perfectly aligned. Brilliant! I love this mirror!

    May 3, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    AS SOLID AS A ROCK! After reading some very positive reviews on Amazon I purchased one of these for my wife’s helmet.The current $20 common brand mirror we bought at a bicycle shop was rubbish…the mirror too small,it moved out of position too easily and even came off the stem a number of times.I installed this Safe Zone mirror within a few minutes after watching a youtube instruction video.The mirror is a large size,the mounting system makes it virtually unmovable so bumps aren’t a problem.My wife loves it and feels more secure because she has a wide view of traffic coming up behind her.I thought the price was a bit high at $40 but once you see the quality of the mirror and the means of attachment you will feel it is a good investment.And it comes with a 5 year no fault warranty.Of course we bought it from Amazon because it is not sold in bicycle stores in our area.

  3. P. R. L.
    May 3, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Worth the money for protection and a great safety aid I first used a small clip on mirror for my glasses after trying bike mounted mirrors. The glasses frames mirrors are small and the image you see moves too much. So this is my second purchase of an EVT mirror–the first one from over five years ago is on another helmet and has held up just fine, and this one is on a new helmet. I cannot get on my road bike without my mirror–I feel blind and I’d rather be safe and aware of vehicles than worry about looking dorky on the roads.I have no difficulty doing fine adjustments for line of sight when needed underway. If I do forget to take my helmet off at a rest stop-sure I may bang the mirror against a door (hello Spot-a-Pot) it never does anything but knock the mirror slightly out of alignment. Mine has never come apart or broken in any way, including the reflective surface, nor has it lost tightness at the joints that would allow it to wiggle as you go over bumpy roads. Keep your head steady, look up slightly, and you will…

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