Choosing a Cycling Cap

Why are you choosing a cycling cap? Traditionally a cycling cap was worn during bike races before helmets were mandatory.

Now for safety reasons that bike helmets are necessary a cycling cap can add some extra insulation for winter riding while in the summer many use the thinner skullcap or even a headband as a sweat barrier and to help wick away moisture for a cooler head. Also a cycling helmet with plenty of vents also helps. Also some cyclists wear the cycling cap for fashion purposes.

Things to consider when choosing a cycling cap:

Fit  – this the most important thing to consider. Your cycling cap should fit fairly snug to prevent it from moving around while on the ride. It must be comfortable for you to wear.

Construction – the construction of the cycling cap allows for the short, round brim to be flipped upward. In fact if you are wearing only the cap when riding, you can flip the brim upward to prevent the wind from blowing the cap off your head. One of the important things to consider it that your hat is lightweight.

You flip the brim up to secure the hat more firmly on your head, and the brim can be flipped down to help block with sun protection or if it is raining. Also be sure to choose a cycling cap with a sturdy brim yet permits regular movement, most are made or 3 or 4 panels. The cycling cap should also have elastic for a tighter fit.

Materials – they are available both in synthetic materials and wool. Both options should be able to wick the moisture away to help regulate temperatures. This helps with the heat retention during cold weather months and keeps you dry and comfortable in the warmer months.

An additional feature of the newer wool cycling caps is that they are no longer itchy as with past styles and even better they are odorless. The makeup of the merino wool fibers that wicks away moisture means there is no bacteria so therefore they won’t smell after a long day in the saddle.

Synthetic caps are made of cotton, Coolmax or other materials.

Other features – many of the cycling caps today feature a sweat band built right in. Some caps also include UV protection from the sun.

Style – there are many designs on the market today some featuring team logos, brand names, bright colors or others that have more toned down colors.

Cycling caps, although not as popular as in past years are a cherished piece of clothing by many cyclists.


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