Halo II Headband Sweatband Review

The Halo II Headband is technically designed to keep sweat and sunscreen out of your eyes while mountain biking or recreational cycling and other outdoor activities. Fits comfortably under helmets and are great headbands for men or women.


What is good about the Halo II Headband

Sweat block – every Halo Headband includes the soft and comfortable Sweat Block Technology. This exclusive water-tight seal redirects sweat away from your face.

Evaporates moisture – the high performance DriLine material of the headband quickly evaporates moisture so you stay dry and comfortable. If you have ever cycled with sweat pouring into your eyes you know how great this feature is.

Lightweight and durable – and abrasion resistant which will not cause it to lose shape.

Bacteria prevention – the microfiber polyester that has been embedded with silver ions which prevent the growth of bacteria and therefore no smell.

One size fits all – works great under cycling helmets of all kinds with one size fitting most.

This headband is available from Amazon. Click here to check it out.


Halo II Headband Features

  • Halo II HeadbandPullover headband design
  • Sweat Block technology keeps sweat out of eyes
  • Wicking, stretchy, quick dry material throughout
  • Works great under cycling helmets
  • One size fits most
  • Variety of colors


What customers say about the Halo II Headband

There were a lot of positive review for this headband. For example one reviewer stated the Halo band actually works great. It keeps the sweat off your eyes. I use it under a bike helmet while mountain biking.

Another reviewer said this headband is a tiny, inexpensive piece of outdoor gear that — without a lot of hype — really did change my outdoor life.

This reviewer remarked that seriously, I never leave home without it. I don’t know what it is about my face, but if I’m sweating alot, I am bound to get it in my eyes, and it BURNS, and not only does it burn, but it limits your vision and concentration greatly. And the excuse “Hey I had sweat in my eyes!” doesn’t cut it with the teammates after screwing up. I’ve tried all types of headbands, but they never work past 20 min. They get soaked then start leaking sweat to the eyes. The Halo Headband is able to divert the sweat to the sides of your face and viola, no sweat in eyes.

Many reviewers say it works… very well. I ride my bike for an hour or more each outing and in the summer, with a helmet on, sweating is a major annoyance. The Halo headband keeps the sweat from running down your face, into your eyes — mostly by absorbing into the elastic headband and evaporating.

I agree with this reviewer and I wear a headband on early and late season rides. He says I love it in winter, too. I know of no other piece of gear that is so light and portable that can provide so much instant warmth in the winter. Having the forehead covered helps tremendously to knock the chill off, especially when not wearing a hat; I even pull it down low in the back and tuck my ears underneath.

To check out all of our headbands for cycling, click here. The Halo II Headband is a great for keeping sweat and sunscreen from pouring into your eyes while cycling.

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2 comments for “Halo II Headband Sweatband Review

  1. E Andy
    April 26, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Cheap Knock off I would give this zero stars if I could. As stated in the description, this is supposed to be a Halo II pullover sweatband. It clearly is not. It is a piece of sewn lycra. There is no SweatBlock technology (the seal that diverts the sweat from your eyes). There is no Dryline fabric on the inside. Since it is a simple piece of lycra, it is not antimicrobial as stated from the Halo website. The Halo II headband is only 2″ wide at it’s widest point, making it easy to fit under hats and helmets. This fabric thing is 4″ at it’s widest point and will clearly be too big for my forehead and to fit under my running hat or biking helmet. And because it is just a pice of lycra, it has no sweat wicking properties whatsoever. Completely useless as a “sweatband”.I have included a picture. The item on the left is a true Halo II sweatband. The one on the right is what they just sent me stating it is a Halo II sweatband.This is a joke. How can this 3rd party seller even…

  2. Rachel Martin
    April 26, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Hides my roots and large forhead! I wear these headbands ALL the time! I have one in pink and one in black! They keep sweat out of my eyes when I run and they hide my roots so I don’t have to wash my hair as much;)( I am a stay at home of two babies under 2 so washing my hair is a luxery!) It is the perfect width… not to thick or thin! It has rubber strip on the inside that prevents it from moving on my head and it’s so comfy! It also hides my large five head haha! If you are a sweaty mom with a five head this product is for you! It also got here in 2days…. can’t beat that!

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