Pearl Izumi Men’s Barrier Skull Cap, Black, One

Barrier windproof front panel keeps your forehead shielded from the wind; Barrier fabric’s single layer lays next to skin for simpler and more effective function P.R.O. Thermal with Minerale provides optimal warmth, moisture transfer and odor absorbance Ergonomic cut layers easily under a helmet Ponytail compatible Reflective elements for low–light visibility

Product Features

  • Spring/Summer 2014
  • Featuring a Barrier windproof front panel combined with Thermal fabric, the Barrier Skull Cap is our warmest full-coverage cap for cold weather riding.
  • Gear designed and constructed to fit perfectly to the body in motion. The perfect balance of anatomic fit, performance engineered materials and the personal interface between athlete and gear.
  • Our 4 core fabric technologies (Transfer, Barrier, Thermal and Softshell ) create a system that works to help you maintain the perfect temperature for the weather conditions and activity range day in and day out
  • Pearl Izumi product is built to last the lifetime of the garment, and this is how long we will stand behind it. Product purchased from an authorized dealer or retailer is fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Barrier Skull Cap is for protecting your head from rain and wind while riding in cold weather. It is designed for super cold days and is the warmest full coverage cap available from Pearl Izumi.


What is good about the Pearl Izumi Men’s Barrier Skull Cap

Windproof front panel – made from barrier fabric which is windproof so that your forehead and ears are protected from the rain and wind.

Thermal rear panel – the back of the cap is made from P.R.O. Thermal fabric which acts as an insulating element for the back of your head.

Nice fit – the cap layers easily under your cycling helmet and the ergonomic cut fits snugly over your ears. The fit is designed to be snug so that there will be no mid-ride slippage exposing your ears.

For women – the cap is ponytail compatible

Cons – as it has one universal size a few cyclists find the cap does not fit well, it depends on the size of your head. Also if you wear any type of glasses there are no holes over the ears.

Pearl Izumi Cold Weather Cap


Pearl Izumi Men’s Barrier Skull Cap Features

  • Barrier windproof front panel keeps forehead and ears shielded from the wind
  • Single layer barrier fabric lays next to skin for maximum effect
  • Made with P.R.O. Series Transfer fabric with Ultrasensor to wick away moisture
  • Ergonomic cut fits snugly over ears
  • Layers easily under a helmet
  • Ponytail compatible
  • Reflective logos
  • Available in one size
  • Black color

What customers say about the Pearl Izumi Men’s Barrier Skull Cap

This skull cap rated  3 1/2 out of 5 stars from reviewers who use it. Most reviewers were very pleased with the performance. They found it was windproof enough to keep their ears protected. This skull cap has made all the difference when cycling in cool weather and extends the season. One cyclist said he tested this out in temps to around 45F and found it is a life saver.

Numerous reviewers commented that unlike most other cold weather caps this skull cap was thin enough to fit comfortably under their helmet and is breathable enough to not let their head sweat. The fabric is stretchy and also highly contoured so it fits snugly without feeling tight anywhere (like cheaper skull caps often do).

There were only two issues mentioned be a few people. One was that the universal fit did not work well for them and the other was that it does not work well it wearing glasses.

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Barrier Skull Cap provides a excellent thermal layer under your bike helmet during cold weather protecting your head from wind and rain extending the cycling season.

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3 comments for “Pearl Izumi Men’s Barrier Skull Cap, Black, One

  1. barusu
    March 23, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    Can a Product Be TOO EFFECTIVE? My first chance to really test Pearl Izumi’s Barrier Skull Cap came during this morning’s commute. 35 degree Oregon morning, with a 10mph crosswind. It’s only a two mile ride, but I’m no physical specimen. Every ride is an adventure. I was surprised that in the short time it took, I’d already unzipped my fleece jacket and was sweating. I’m not that out of shape, so it must have been the effectiveness of this cap.Fit is excellent, in spite of my Giro Helmet’s tight sizing. The skull cap’s coverage on my Captain Picard-like forehead, neck and ears is adequate, and it stays in place. Glasses sit comfortably inside its elastic sides, and there’s no air penetration. My hearing is not impaired, either.Hope our temperatures drop into the 20’s so I don’t have to towel off at work! Highly Recommended!

  2. SlySalimander
    March 23, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    Great Helmet liner This is my favorite helmet liner for my ski helmet.I wear it in cold weather. It is very soft inside. It is comfortable.I find that it adds just what I needed to make my ski helmet warmer. It is thin enough to not effect the fit of the helmet much at all.I ski about 30 days a year in the Rocky mountains. I always bring this along and wear it when I need it. My helmet is warm enough that I do not need it in spring weather.It has a little stitched hole in the back to put a pony tail of hair through. I guess this is nice if you have hair. I do not have hair and it does not detract from the comfort or warmth in any way.

  3. Matthew Durr
    March 23, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    One Size Does Not Fit All I got this cap after returning the Thermal variant of Pearl Izumi’s skullcap, as the Thermal cap was not warm enough for even short 10-minute rides at 40-degrees.This cap is a tad warmer and easily keeps my noggin warm for my shorter rides even to freezing temperatures.The fit is the same as the Thermal cap, and unfortunately my 7 3/4 size head, even with very short hair, is too big for this to be a completely comfortable fit. Though it is beginning to stretch out a bit with use (have ridden with the cap for about 40 rides now), it is still a bit too tight on the forehead, which sometimes causes headaches. In addition, the ear flaps *just* cover my ears. If I crinkle my forehead or something else shifts, one of my ears starts getting exposed to the elements.Otherwise, I plan on keeping it as it is very lightweight, yet blocks a lot of the cold air even around the ears. If you have a big head like me, or have hair longer than a couple inches, give…

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