Raskullz Shark Jaws Helmet Review

The Raskullz Shark Attax Helmet is a full 3D style that not only protects your child’s head but offers a cool design that they want to wear. This shark-inspired bike helmet has an ocean blue background with multiply shark silhouettes across the helmet. It also has huge piercing eyes painted on the front of the helmet.. If that’s not enough, it also features an eye-catching 3D shark nose with menacing teeth across the front of the helmet and a scaly dorsal fin sticking up on the top of the helmet like a real shark.

What is so great about this helmet

Its style – this fierce looking and fun Shark Attax Helmet is perfect for kids who love dress-up and imaginative games which pretty covers most kids.

Secure fit – while the helmet looks great you want something that will protect their head and with the adjustable straps you can ensure a secure fit.

Ventilation  – and the aerodynamic cooling vents maintain a comfortable temperature went they are out and about in the warmer weather.

Solid construction –  the helmet is molded out of an Exotuff, a material known for its durability and UV resistance, so that this Shark Attax helmet will stand up to regular long term use. The shock absorbing EPS inner shell keeps little heads protected from impacts,

This helmet is built with the Raskullz Helmets mantra, “protect the head, inspire the imagination”, the Shark Attax is ready for any wheeled adventures either on a bicycle or scooter. Your kids will not want to take this helmet off.


Raskullz Shark Attax Helmet Features

  • Raskullz Shark Attax HelmetFun kids helmet–designed for radical protection and safety
  • Molded Exotuff 3D construction with a shock absorbing EPS inner shell
  • Adjustable straps and aerodynamic cooling vents
  • Meets ASTM international and USA Consumer Product Safety Commission standards
  • Fits most children ages five and up (19.5 to 2.25-inch head diameter)
  • Available in 3 great colors

What parents say about the Raskullz Shark Attax Helmet

At the time of this writing there were only plenty of positive reviews for this kids helmet.

Reviewers agree that this is a good alternative to normal helmets and this can expect to get attention from the other kids. One parent remarked, “this is the first bike helmet that my 7 year old son actually takes ownership of and wants to wear!”

This helmet is also performing well as this reviewer experienced, saying, “shortly after we got the helmets my older son flipped over his handle bars pretty hard and landed on his head. There is a little scratch on the helmet, but not very noticeable…you have to look for it! Worth purchase.”

Another reviewer thought that the picture does not do the helmet justice. It is awesome looking and my grandson looks so cool wearing it! Other remarking the helmet is great quality and absolutely adorable.

Click here to check out other styles of kids helmets. The Raskullz Shark Attax Helmet looks awesome and provides protection for your child when they are out riding.

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3 comments for “Raskullz Shark Jaws Helmet Review

  1. Luvtogether
    May 1, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Helmets don’t work if you don’t wear them, your kid will wear this Phenomenal Fun & Safe. I searched, researched and this was the helmet for our little guy’s Christmas first bike. He loves sharks and was so excited about this helmet. It feels & fits great and keeps his noggin safe. I looked everywhere for this version of the Raskullz and as usual, Amazon came through. Our almost 3 year old wears this around the house and displays it proudly in his room. A big hit!

  2. pru
    May 1, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Stylish and safe This helmet looks fantastic on any shark loving preschooler! My kid loves it, and it gets lots of compliments when we ride. Its adjustable straps are just as expected for making it fit just right, and the shark up top is good leverage to convince kiddo to wear the helmet tightly enough, which they never want to do.

  3. M. Greff
    May 1, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Now my boys don’t argue to put on their helmet I have two boys an.d my older one used to argue with me about putting on his helmet. Because my little guy looks up to him, he started arguing too! We got them each their choice of helmet and now they both love wearing their helmets. Shortly after we got the helmets my older son flipped over his handle bars pretty hard and landed on his head. There is a little scratch on the helmet, but not very noticeable…you have to look for it! So, I would say they are made in really well too! For us it was well worth the purchase!

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