Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Helmet Review

The Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Helmet not only looks cute but will provide protection should your child fall. With the easy to adjust sizing you are sure of a snug fit.

What is good about this kids helmet

Easy to fit – with dial easy fit retention for comfortable and on-the-fly adjustment. The manufacturer recommended age is 3+ however this helmet seems to fit toddlers around age 2 best. Because of the adjustable size parents find that it may fit children ranging from age 1 to 4 years old and last for a few years because it is adjustable.

Sun brim – features a built in sun brim for protection against the elements.

Ventilation – with 8 flow vents your toddler will be able to keep cool.

Style – it is cute and in colors appreciated by girls.


Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Helmet Features

  • 8 Flow vents to keep you cool
  • Dial Easy Fit Retention for comfortable on-the-fly adjustment
  • Extended coverage for added security and safety
  • Built in sun brim for protection against the elements

What do customers say about the Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Helmet

There were lots of positive reviews for this bike helmet for toddlers. Reviewers agree that the best feature is the adjustable band on the back with an easy to use turn knob. This adjusts the band around the back of the head so that the child cannot remove the helmet. Great product and well made says one reviewer.

One reviewer remarked, “it was tested with the first use when our toddler had a spill over the top of the scooter. Her head hit the sidewalk, but, due to the great design, the helmet didn’t move.”

Other reviewers have stated that, “this helmet is very easy to adjust quickly for a snug fit while worn, stays firmly attached, and my 2.5 year old loves it! The external adjustment on the back of it is genius.”

The only issue reviewers had was regarding size as the label on the helmet itself says for 3+ however many parents with kids around the age of 2 found it worked well and up to age 4. Of course reviewers agreed that the colors are great.

To check out all of our infant and toddler helmets, click here. I would highly recommend this Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival helmet for ease of use and good fit.


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2 comments for “Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Helmet Review

  1. Trina
    May 1, 2018 at 9:55 am

    Great Fit, Highly recommend the helmet with the dial feature Admittedly I was frustrated looking for a helmet that would fit my 2 year old. I did not like the helmets found at local stores due to the ‘elastic back’ feature. Even with the 1+ sizing the helmet could easily shift. I was dissapointed that there is no actual size in the description so here you go.-SIZING ESTIMATE-My Daughter is almost 2, her head (circumference) measures almost 19 inches (80th percentile if that helps you with reference). I gambled on this helmet as I had no reference to size and when I was able to put it on her head I can tell you that 19″ is the small size of what this helmet can accommodate. I didn’t have it quite dialed down to the smallest size but when I took it off I was very close to the smallest it could go. I LOVE that it fits securely without being crooked on her head. As for the largest it can go, the dial feature offers more growth than the actual helmet itself. The inside of the helmet measures almost 21″ which will be just…

  2. D & L Nolan
    May 1, 2018 at 10:03 am

    A review regarding FIT. Yeah, kind of a biggie. I enjoy reviews… I appreciate people writing the reviews. However, after going through page after page and seeing things along the lines of, “so cute, my daughter loves the bubble print,” or “perfect for my girly-girl,”…I wanted to SCREAM! There must be a more than a few people who are confused about this helmet being labeled “Toddler” but also saying “Ages 3+” right on the front. I was. But I took a chance and ordered it for my 3.5 year old. Not even CLOSE on the fit. I actually tightened up the adjustments and it fit my 5 month old. This is a BABY helmet.I will go out on a line here and age this helmet for whoever is interested, since no one else (including Schwinn) has. Ages 6 MONTHS to about a maximum of 2 YEARS (child with head on small side.) Anything above that should get the adjustable youth size. Apart from the sizing issue, this helmet seems adequate. It is lightweight and will most certainly protect the noggin from a nasty spill.Saving this “3…

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