Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

Helmets are perhaps the kings of diminishing returns — after all, every bicycle helmet sold in the US is subject to the same testing, and requires the same certification. What’s left after that is ventilation, fit, and, of course, style. Giro’s Savant has all three in spades, at a price that doesn’t require an immediate grams per dollar calculation. The Savant is secured with Giro’s Roc Loc 5, and features 25 Wind Tunnel vents to keep air moving into, through, and out of the helmet.

Product Features

  • Shell Material: in-Mold polycarbonate
  • Impact Foam: EPS
  • Ventilation: 25 Wind Tunnel vents
  • Fit Adjustment: Roc Loc 5
  • Recommended Use: cyclocross, road cycling, triathlon

The Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet has an amazing fit for riders who enjoy great routes as much as a swift pace and has features you generally find on more expensive types.

What is good about this Giro Bicycle Helmet

Good looking – with the slim shape and multiple choice of colors cyclists just love how this cycling helmet looks.

Lightweight – it is lighter than many other helmets so that you hardly even notice you are wearing it. This is due to the durability of the in-mold construction, so it won’t weigh you down.

Lots of vents – impressive ventilation thanks to 25 wind tunnel vents keeping you cool, especially while riding in the warmer weather.

Comfort – has the convenience of the adjustable Roc Loc 5 fit and stability system which provides a snug fit.

This bicycle helmet is ideal for:

  • Enthusiast road riding
  • Bicycle touring
  • Urban and commute riding
  • Casual rides
  • Triathlons


Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet Features

  • Giro Savant Bicycle HelmetAuthentic style and performance, with unmatched value
  • Roc Loc 5 Fit System
  • Wind tunnel ventilation with 25 vents
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Super fit engineering
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


What users say about the Giro Savant Bike Helmet

A number of reviewers with bigger or longer heads said it took them a while to find a helmet that actually fits and recommended the Savant.

Lots of reviewers felt the Roc Loc 5 is very adjustable up and down really easy and loved the snug fit it provides, a feature usually only found in higher end helmets. Besides the straps , the helmet has another adjustment to tight the top of helmet to the head, which makes it fit snug but with worrying you might lose it.

It is very comfortable noted many reviewers and lightweight too. One reviewer said, “fit and finish are good, and there isn’t anything on the inside of the helmet that pokes my head or causes discomfort. The strap adjusters and click-wheel on the back make it easy to get a good, snug fit.”

Also reviewers felt the ventilation is also great with the amount of openings it has, yet it has a great aerodynamics for the price you get it.

Many women also prefer this helmet as it is very adjustable, comes in many great colors and one cyclist remarked you can wear a low ponytail.

The only drawback noted by a few reviewers is that the straps are a little awkward until you figure them out.

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2 comments for “Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet

  1. peterc
    March 29, 2018 at 10:25 am

    Strap Solution As others have noted, the strap design is truly terrible.So here is a really quick simple way to fix it:Reroute the back strap so that it does not wrap around the plastic arms on the sides. The reason the straps lie perpendicular to the head is because they angle themselves around those plastic arms. By removing that angle, the straps are still not perfectly flat against my face, but significantly better. I’ll post an image as demonstrationAs for the rest of the helmet, it’s definitely better than the cheap helmets I have owned in the past in terms of weight and airflow, though I don’t have much to compare it against.

  2. Kudu
    March 29, 2018 at 10:48 am

    A Giro saved me from serious injury if not worse. I have ridden with Giro helmets for years. I average a shade over 3000 miles a year. I have never needed a helmet until this fall when another biker came round a corner on my side of the trail and hit me head on. I was knocked out and the helmet was cracked in three places. It still scares me to think what would have happened had I NOT been wearing it. The savant in slightly quieter at high speeds 30+, it’s very easy to adjust and the weight is about the same as the old one. If this one has a drawback it has a slight hair pulling problem at the tightening mechanism, it is not an big deal and barely a minor annoyance. Do NOT ride without a helmet, accidents happen quick and that concrete road or path is a heck of a lot harder that your skull.

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