Giro Women’s Skyla Bike Helmet Review

The Giro Skyla Sport Bike Helmet is a women’s specific design for both road and off-road riding. This helmet is perfect for mountain biking, bicycle commuting, touring and recreational riding. Of course it’s available in a range of colors too, so you can find one that looks and feels custom made for you.


What is good about the Giro Skyla Bike Helmet

Fits and looks good – has a universal fit and then using the Giro Acu dial system you can make adjustment with a single hand so it fits snug. This helmet is also ponytail compatible. There are a lot of different colors and graphics so you can look good while riding.

Great ventilation – the 20 vents keep you cool even during the warmer months and lets the warm air out.

Handy visor – the snap fit visor, which is also color coordinated keeps the glare from your eyes.

Very lightweight  –  only weights 270 grams, yet is constructed with in-mold technology that fuses a tough outer microshell to the helmet’s EPS foam liner. The fusion process reinforces areas around vents and ribs, making the helmet lighter, cooler and tougher.

Cons about this Bike Helmet

Although listed as a universal fit (54 to 61 cm) some women and girls find this helmet a little tight and more suitable for smaller women. Click here to see the sizing chart from Giro. It always takes some adjustment the first time you use it.


Features of the Giro Skyla Sport Bike Helmet

  • Giro Skyla Womens Bike HelmetIn-mold construction fuses tough outer microshell to EPS foam liner
  • Universal Fit Women UW size
  • Acu Dial fit system combines single-handed adjustment with a full fit band for snug fit
  • 20 vents allow cool air in and warm air out
  • Lightweight, weighs only 270 grams
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Complies with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standard for bicycle helmets


What customers say about the Giro Skyla Bicycle Helmet

There were lots of great reviews for this helmet. Most women find it very stylish, attractive. It is so lightweight you don’t even notice it on your head.  Very breathable and with great graphics and colors were some of the other comments.

One reviewer stated she wanted to let everyone know that this Giro Skyla helmet possibly saved her life. She was in a bad bike accident where she flew over the handlebars and got pretty banged up. Her head hit pretty hard but luckily because she was wearing this helmet, she had no major head injury although she did have a broken arm, a sore neck, and was covered with cuts and bruises but thanks to this Skyla helmet, her head was OK.

The only issue with this helmet was some women found the universal fit a little small. If this helmet does fit you are going to love it.

To see other women’s cycling helmets, click here. The Giro Skyla Sport Bike Helmet offers great value for the price and looks sleek as well.

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3 comments for “Giro Women’s Skyla Bike Helmet Review

  1. ReviewsFromChicago
    April 26, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    A review for appearance-conscious helmet shoppers. I bought this helmet once and it got stolen within a month, and I insisted on replacing it with the exact same helmet. I can’t comment on its performance in an accident as I haven’t had any. But I like the way that this helmet fits – if I put it on snugly as I’m supposed to, my head does NOT look like a giant mushroom, which is the way most helmets make my head look.Other pros:-This helmet has plenty of air vents so it’s not too uncomfortable even in extreme heat-The little sun visor on the front actually does make a bit of difference (though I wear sunglasses as well)-I wasn’t too keen on having a pattern on my helmet, but you can’t really notice the light grey pattern unless you’re super close.-There’s a hole in the back that you can put your ponytail through-This one goes for any helmet, but if you’re wearing your hair down, this helmet will hold your hair in place and keep it from blowing around in your face and sticking to your lipgloss…

  2. Emily E.
    April 26, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    I love it and it fits perfectly I have a large head for a woman and a ton of hair. If you find unisex hats or helmets to always be too small and give headaches then this would work for you most likely. I love it and it fits perfectly. Easy to adjust and cool in summer. Great purchase

  3. beattie
    April 26, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Pretty & safe but expensive It’s a very light & comfortable helmet plus looks really sleek & quite pretty with the gray flowers on white background!..nice for a woman to wear, especially with long hair… I found it very difficult to adjust rolling adjustment to fit head…. It hurt my thumbs!.. But it does work. It’s a good helmet. I just would have preferred not to wait over a month to get it, & then to have to pay £20 extra for customs duty… & wait for it to be delivered after being kept at their holding office. I do feel safe & good wearing it so it’s a worthwhile investment. Wish I hadn’t had the hassle though.. You have to ring customs to say you want it delivered & pay the extra.

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